About Us

Work Pack Pro focuses on the production of Engineering Work Packs for both onshore and offshore construction, modification’s, major projects and repair order works.

Who we are?


e have developed a Cloud Based tool kit to allow the Work Pack to be developed by your construction engineering team to provide a quality Work Pack to the construction teams so they meet the designer’s requirements during the construction phase.

We can also supply a team consisting of individuals who are regarded as the
best in their respective fields. We can also produce the Work Packs for you.
We have an experienced team with over 30 years in the onshore/offshore, oil,
gas, and chemicals industry. This includes mechanical/electrical operational
maintenance to production operations/commissioning and safety management.

We acknowledge how important it is to the construction team to have a
quality work pack to work from.We pride ourselves on reacting to operation issues requiring urgent repair jobs to ensure that client’s assets remain operational and safe. We understand how things can go wrong so we give 100% commitment to help successful delivery of your Engineering Work Packs.

We can work with you using a cloud based system to allow round table reviews and updates to be progressed online by all approved users 24-7, 365 if
required. Your onshore/offshore team can access the most up to date information at any time.

Work Pack Pro is the complete solution for engineering work packs.

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